Working Remotely with Oksana Voronenko

Our co-founder Oksana likes to change things up and sometimes getting away from the office to work remotely is the best way to do it. She is, however very picky about her requirements of the space. Here are her picks...

1. Freehold in Williamsburg - "A large space with multiple sections. Not too crowded and not too loud. Fantastic outdoors section for use in the summer." 
45 S 3rd St. Brooklyn NY 11249

2. Berg'n in Crown Heights - "A beautiful space with lots of natural light. Not a lot of people using it for work, making it another great uncrowded option. It has a cafe, four lunch venues and a bar with a great selection of microbrews to satisfy your needs throughout the day." 
899 Bergen St., Brooklyn NY 11238

3. Diviera Drive in Williamsburg - "This is my secret spot. Diviera has plenty of space, a beautiful greenhouse, a main area and a game room. There are lots of plugs for your laptop and it's pretty quiet throughout the day. Also, great pizza for lunch." 
131 Berry St., Brooklyn, NY 11249

4. Devocion in Williamsburg - "As you've noticed, uncrowded large beautiful spaces are my theme here. Although perhaps a bit busier than my other suggestions Devocion is an absolutely beautiful space to work from."
69 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11249

5. Alice's Arbor in Bed Stuy - "Another overlooked option. Great space, great food. What else do you need?"  
549 Classon Ave, Brooklyn NY 11238